Monday, August 10, 2009

Commiserating ye ole' rumpled man

All I can think about is poor Tom Tit Tot who couldn't do without the possession of another. He had to go for the necklace... for the ring... for possessions he could have gotten himself if he had thought for a moment to spin his own hay into gold. But poor ugly sprite had to take from the daughter of merchant whose own importance was worth more than life itself.

That old rumpled man was pretty brilliant come to think about it. To challenge that woman to figure out the one thing no one ever cared to know about him... the one thing he would need to share only with one other person in his lifetime.

But no, that haggard woman wouldn't give him that. The moment she gave him an identity, she took it away... never would he be able to share it with another. Destined to be alone, the weight of this burden took Rumpelstiltskin downwards to his death.

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