Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poem 1

these words did not stake
the object at rest
and so could not lighten
a sustaining duress

so broken between this slant and stanza
is an imperfection beyond mere word
that fills this chasm in one surreptitious act
and sunders an ache into worth

but rather than name and therefore negate it
the poet left it be to stay on one side of the dialectic
for never could he stand if it became three
lo and behold the contradiction in this stylistic

and so he could not resist pointing in its direction
as if to identify the solution to his affliction
but everyone around him could not understand
why he broke all rhythm and reason to say-- its in the onion


A couple things about this poem. I did write it, and I intend for there to be no capitalization. I know its confusing and it does involve a mention of Hegel which many people only know the basics of. My familiarity of Hegel is often secondary... and primarily through Derrida. See what you can get from it.

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  1. this is so long. i can't read things that are so long. give me some of that poetry!!!! you are very good at writing poetry!